November, 2014


I roller set my daughter’s hair!!!!

I have mentioned my youngest daughter’s hair before on this blog. She will be three in December. It is growing, albeit slowly, but growing. I try to deep condition her hair at least once every two weeks. After trying out several conditioners, I have settled on this one: Franck Provost reparation conditioner. On our last wash day: Deep conditioning I added a little coconut, avocado and olive oil to the deep conditioner. Next, I applied this to her hair and let her play around the house for about 3 or 4 hours.Read More

Wash day – a roller set and a little length check!

Prepoo I applied coconut oil + hemp seed oil to my hair  and TROPIC ISLE LIVING JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL HAIR THERAPY WITH BLACK SEED AND BLACK WALNUT OIL on my scalp Cleanse I used Shescentit blueberry co-wash conditioner.  This cleansing conditioner has a lot of slip and I hope I can get it in our Sizzelle store soon. Tea rinse I applied my mix of Ginger + Rosemary + Chamomile teas to my scalp using my ROOTS ONLY APPLICATOR BOTTLE. I was going to add coffee but I forgot. I use ginger because it has anti-inflammatoryRead More

Relaxer day – 19th November 2014

Week before I washed and deep conditioned my hair using a light protein conditioner. Please read that wash day HERE. Night before Moisturized my hair with Pura Body Naturals Muru Muru moisture milk and finger detangled my hair as thoroughly as I could. Sealed in the moisture with my coconut oil and hemp seed oil mix. Massaged Jamaican black castor oil into my scalp. I did this to prevent my scalp from burning. D-day Relaxer process Relaxer used: PhytoSpecific PhytoRelaxer Index 1 – Delicate, Fine Hair I had planned to useRead More

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