Wash day – two new products

I am looking forward to relaxing my hair this week and I have my relaxer and everything I need ready!!! Today’s wash day was da bomb!!! I almost didn’t want to retouch my hair but I think it’s time! I used two new products at this wash day: Shescentit blueberrry co-wash conditoner and Brown Butter Beauty Butter Love conditioner.


  • Moisturized my hair with Pura Body Naturals Sapote hair lotion. Applied coconut oil over this. Wore a plastic bag on my head and my satin bonnet over this. Went to bed.
  • In the morning, I sectioned my hair into four. I do this when I have a lot of new growth to reduce tangling.


I applied Shescentit blueberry co-wash conditioner. I saw it on Jeni’s blog (Justgrowalready.com). Look, it was love between my hair and this co-wash cleanser on first touch!! I absolutely hate the fact that this bottle is soooo small. It looks bigger in pictures but is only 8 oz (about 240 ml). My hair is not that long but I used a – third of it. I am heavy-handed with my products though. The instruction says to leave it on for 15 minutes, which I did. Washed off the conditioner. My hair felt silky and clean. I kept telling myself that any conditioner used after this is just lucky cos’ you can’t really tell its true abilities. The Shescentit blueberrry co-wash conditoner just set the tone for today’s wash day and I mean ittt!!

shescentit blueberry_co_wash_conditioner


  • Poured some tea (ginger, chamomile, rosemary and lipton caramel tea) on my scalp using my Roots Applicator Bottle. Left this to penetrate my scalp for a few minutes before applying the deep conditioner.


  • I applied Brown Butter Beauty Butter Love conditioner to my hair. It’s a protein conditioner and did have some slip but I think I’ll give it an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Applied some JBCO-essential oil-jojoba oil mix on my scalp. Sat underneath my dryer for about 20 minutes. Made breakfast for the kids.
  • Took the plastic bag off my hair. Slip was divine so I decided to detangle my hair in the shower. Still in the 4 sections I started off with. Rinsed off the conditioner and tied a t-shirt around my hair to absorb the excess water. My hair felt strengthened and heavy but not hard. I guess ‘cos this conditioner is protein-packed.



  • Put my hair in 6 ponytails and rolled each ponytail.
  • Sat under my hair dryer for about 30 minutes. Undid the rollers. Sat for another 15 minutes. Undid the ponytails. Sat another 15 minutes.  Voila! Soft silky hair was mine. I was so ecstatic.
  • At bedtime, I wrapped my hair..more like cross-wrapped my hair. Wore my satin bonnet.



Next morning, I put my hair into a VERY loose high bun.

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