December, 2014


2014 in review – Battle of the moisturizers part 3 – The winner

Hi guys. 2014 has been a year of experimenting for me. Yeah experimenting. When I cut my hair last year, I felt so liberated and was no longer driven to grow my hair long. My main hair goal became healthy looking hair. This year, I have delved my hands in different techniques and products. Over my next few posts, I will be discussing the techniques and products I tried out in 2014, the ones I liked and the ones I didn’t. First up is moisturizers. Why? If you are likeRead More

Wash day – 29th November 2014

Hi people. So, I’m back with a wash day post. Sorry, it’s coming quite late….I have been so busy… The only thing that changed on this wash day was that I did my tea rinse (actually used coffee as the base) before cleansing. Overnight prepoo with coconut oil.  Moisturized my hair first. Tea rinse (ginger + rosemary + chamomile + coffee). Cleansed with Shescentit blueberrry co-wash conditoner. This is so lovely. Deep conditioned with Brown Butter Beauty Butter Love conditioner. 30 minutes. Did some lunch and other house stuff. RinsedRead More

Sizzelle December giveaway #1 – collaboration with The Kink And I

Hellooo December!!! In collaboration with THE KINK AND I, we are very happy to announce our first giveaway of the month! 3 people could win one of the following conditioners – Hello Hydration & Nothing But Intense Healing Mask. To qualify, you can enter via Instagram OR signing up for the Sizzelle giveaway newsletter. A. To enter via instagram, you must follow ALL the giveaway instructions: – Follow the Kink And I on instagram – Follow Sizzelle on Instagram – Repost the give way picture on your Instagram page using the hashtags #sizzellebeauty AND #thekinkandi. P.S. IfRead More

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