January, 2015


Rollersetting to get silky texlaxed hair.

Before I started my hair journey, I always used to have silky hair. However, it was very ‘light’. I started my hair journey in the quest for thickness which has improved but in my opinion still haven’t fully attained. I think that the only things that have helped my fine hair strands so far have been: The JBCO family; and Intentionally under-processing my hair (otherwise called ‘texlaxing’). Well, back to the story.. I love air drying my hair but my ’texlaxed’ hair frequently looks like I’m not sure if I’m naturalRead More

All you need to know about ‘texlaxed’ hair

What is texlaxing? This is basically intentionally underprocessing your relaxer because you want to avoid hair that is too straight (otherwise called bone straight hair). Why texlax? Texlaxing reduces the potential damage caused by relaxers and helps hair look fuller. This is especially for ladies with fine hair strands or scanty hair. How to texlax There are several ways you can achieve semi-processed hair and if you prefer, you can even combine any of them: Apply relaxer on hair that is very dirty. One thing you can do is to putRead More

My 2015 regular wash day regimen

Hello lovely people. I hope you had a lovely weekend. For a background information, this is a description of my hair: Relaxed hair. I leave my relaxer on for 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing it off. This time includes the application AND the smoothing time. High porosity. This means that my hair easily absorbs moisture but also loses it easily. If you have low porosity hair, it means that your hair doesn’t easily absorb moisture but when it does, it retains it longer. Fine hair strands. In simple terms,Read More

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