2014 hair goals reviewed + LESSONS LEARNED

At the beginning of 2014, I had certain goals which I will review below:


Goal 1: If my hair thinning doesn’t show any obvious improvement, I will go see a dermatologistMy hair is no longer thinning and I think that the thinning areas are filling in. I believe this is mainly from my regular use of essential oils.

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Essential oils and hair loss

Goal 2: Do a 6-month stretch between relaxer touch ups. Wasn’t able to do a 6-month stretch! I retouched my hair three times last year (about every 4 months)
Goal 3: Try my hands at Ayurveda treatments like Henna, Indigo, Amla and Rhassoul clay. Did this.
Goal 4: Start taking hair supplements too. I took Hairfinity inconsistently.
Goal 5: Not wash my hair more than once a week unless it feels really really dry. Accomplished this. I hardly ever washed my hair more than once a week.
Goal 6: Go for professional trims every 3 monthsWasn’t able to do this but I plan to get one this year.
Goal 7: Do a personal castor oil challenge soon. Wasn’t able to do this but did a 3-month hairline regrowth challenge between June and August 2014.


Now, unto LESSONS LEARNT IN 2014

  1. Scalp massaging makes my scalp feel sore no matter how gentle I am. Now, I just apply my scalp oils and that’s it.
  2. Hair bonnets are a suspect for my hair line loss. I now prefer satin scarves.
  3. Texlaxing is helping to thicken my hair.
  4. Essential oils help to reduce hair loss.
  5. Protein conditioners are essential for chemically processed hair.
  6. Sealing my hair after moisturizing helps to keep it moisturized for a longer time.
  7. Following the key steps in hair care is so important. For example:
    • Regularly moisturizing my ends helped keep them from splitting and breaking off.
    • Doing weekly prepoos using coconut oil helped strengthen my hair.
  8. Consistency in a hair regimen is very helpful.
  9. MY hair can survive without protective styles like weaves and braids. I didn’t do any protective style the entire year but I still retained my hair length. It doesn’t mean I won’t do them but I can live without them.


 Stay tuned for my next posts because I will be talking about my 2015 goals, weekly wash day regimen and day-to-day maintenance. 

Thanks for reading! Love you guys!!

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