Oils that cause acne

Hi people! In the past, I have talked about some sneaky causes of acne and I was recently reminded of this. READ ON.

A couple of weeks ago while I was applying Lavender Jamaican black castor oil to my scalp, I noticed a small bump. I was a bit worried because I had never felt a bump on my scalp before. On further inspection (with the help of my hubby), I discovered that it was a blackhead. The only new product I had used on my scalp that week was jojoba oil and I did a little more research online. Guess what I discovered? Jojoba oil can cause acne. So I immediately went to reportshealthcare to learn how to get rid of my acne. 

So, I have taken the liberty of including some popular oils and their score risk of causing acne. The higher the score, the higher the risk. For example, castor oil is said to have a score of 0-1/3. This means it has a low risk. On the other hand, sweet almond oil is said to have a score of 3/3 which means it has a high risk. 

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What does non-comedogenic mean to you?

This information should not worry you if you are not acne-prone. To be on the safe side, I would advise that if you are acne-prone and your acne is refusing to clear up, check your product ingredients for these oils. If on the other hand, you have been using these oils and you have no issues, please don’t read this post and throw out your products. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! One last thing I should say is that sometimes even the oils that are so-called non-comedogenic can cause acne!!

Chemical Rating/score

Bad guys

  1. Peach kernel oil: 2-3/3
  2. Sweet almond oil: 3/3
  3. Sulfated jojoba oil: 3/4
  4. Cocoa butter: 4/4
  5. Sulfated castor oil: 3/4

So-so guys

  1. Evening primrose oil: 2/4
  2. Avocado oil: 0-2/3
  3. Olive oil: 2-4/4
  4. Almond oil: 2/4
  5. Camphor oil: 2/4
  6. Hazelnut oil: 2/4
  7. Peanut oil: 2/4
  8. Coconut oil: 2/3
  9. Grape seed oil: 2-3/3
  10. Jojoba oil: 0-2/3

oils causing acne

The good guys

  1. Hydrogenated vegetable oil: 1/3
  2. Peanut oil: 1/3
  3. Hybrid safflower oil: 1-2/3
  4. Lanolin: 0-1/3
  5. Lanolin Oil: 0-1/3
  6. Sunflower seed oil: 1/3
  7. Emu oil: 1/4
  8. Castor oil: 0-1/3
  9. Hydrogenated castor oil: 1/4

The very good guys

  1. Hemp seed oil: 0/4
  2. Shea butter: 0/4
  3. Mineral oil: 0/4
  4. PEG 40 castor oil: 0/4

To view a complete list of oils and other product ingredients that are comedogenic (pore-clogging), please click these links below:

Beauty mag online – Comedogenic effects of raw materials 

Acne org – Bad list of comedogenic ingredients

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5 Comments to Oils that cause acne

  1. Andrea B says:

    Great post. I always felt like I broke out more whenever I would use castor oil on my edges/hairline. I was surprised to see the lower score for castor oil. Maybe it was something else I was using. I’ll be bookmarking this post! 🙂

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      Hi Andre. It is possible that castor oil did make you break out because people sometimes react differently to different ingredients. Thanks for passing by!

    • Steph says:

      I suspected so.. Have been using castor oil on my virgin hair since this year.. Now I have pimples on my forehead that keep coming and going.. I never suffered from such regular breakouts on my forehead.. #castor oil is the cause hoha

  2. mimi says:

    This post is right on point doc! loool! it just confirms my suspicion.i noticed it but didnt pay any particular attention to it…now I know, il try to use my oils single handedly to know which particular one is the (causer of the acne) hehehehehhe.great post.thanks doc #mmuah#

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