SHESCENTIT product haul

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend? I was composing my wash day post from this weekend and I realized that I needed to do a post of my Shescentit collection first. 

  1. Blueberry co-wash conditioner: This was the first product I bought from this brand. It was love on first application and still is. The slip is amazing and it does a decent job at gently cleansing my hair. It was this conditioner that made me want more of Shescentit.
  2. Curl Moist conditioner: Also has great slip although I still think that the Blueberry co-wash conditioner has more slip than this conditioner. It is creamy and leaves the hair feeling soft.
  3. Coco creme leave-in conditioner: I bought this to compare with my current leave-ins and it is not memorable. I was quite disappointed because I expected to be wowed. I am not sure if I’ll repurchase it but I’ll keep using it to see if I change my mind.
  4. Moisture mist leave-in conditioner: This is a keeper because it does a good job at detangling my hair. I would rate its slip factor as 7/10 which is quite decent for a silicone-free spray.
  5. Fortifying mask: This is a protein deep conditioner that I wanted to give a whirl. I was underwhelmed by it (maybe because of my experience with the Curl Moist & Blueberry co-wash conditioners). It is not bad but it is nothing something that my hair can’t live without it. I’ll use the jars I have to see if I change my mind about this hair mask.
  6. Coconut quench daily moisturizer: My main qualm with the Hairveda red satin daily moisturizer is that even though it does make my hair feel silky, it has NO slip (0/10). I picked up this moisturizer looking for that slip factor (which it does have) but I am not sure if I’ll repurchase it because it doesn’t give my hair that silky feeling I get from my Hairveda moisturizer. I will however keep using it to see if I change my mind. may probably not repurchase 
  7. Avocado conditioner: Not used it yet but when I do, I will give you my impressions.


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