Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


T25 – day 2

I jumped out of bed bright and early to get this workout done. I paused the video about 2 or 3 times but all in all, it was do-able. It was 25 minutes long and for the first round, there were stretch intervals. The second round was just straight working out. There was a 2 minute 25 second stretch and cool down at the end. Calories burned: 278 Talk to you later!

Relaxer day update – 22nd July 2015

Hi people! I am sorry that this post is coming late. The night before the relaxer day Detangled my hair in seven sections using a wide-tooth comb. Applied an ample amount of Shescentit green tea coconut hair milk moisturizer. I used this moisturizer as a mild strengthening pre-relaxer treatment because it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein. Finger-detangled and used my wide-tooth comb again to make sure there were no tangles. Used elastic bands to keep my roots stretched. Went to bed. D-day Applied Vaseline all over my scalp to prevent against scalp burns. MixedRead More

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