Thursday, August 20th, 2015


T25 – day 4

Shaun T worked my abs off in today’s video, Ab Intervals. Not a fast-paced workout but I was sweating because my abs are so weak. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll get more abdominal strength and it won’t be so difficult. Total calories burned: 185 calories (I didn’t use my polar watch for the entirety of this workout so I am thinking it was more like 200). How was your workout today? Have a nice day ahead! P/S: Check out my SITEMAP to see all the posts on this blog listed topically!

How to watch YouTube videos if you have a slow internet connection

Hi everyone. If you love watching YouTube videos but you always have a problem with connection speed, I have a few tips for you today!   1. Make sure you are using Wi-Fi. Pay for a bundle/plan to save costs. 2. Watch YouTube at night. 3. Try watching a shorter video. Shorter videos take less time to load. 4. When you start the video, click the Pause button. Then, wait for the gray video progress bar to get to end before clicking Play again. That way, your video will play without stopping. 5. IfRead More

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