Friday, August 21st, 2015


T25 – day 5

I’m beyond exhausted right now: today’s workout consisted of two videos: Lower Focus AND Cardio 1.0. The Lower Focus DVD literally destroyed my legs and was packed with lunges and squats in different variations. I took a 20-minute break before continuing the Cardio 1.0. I struggled through but I pulled through in the end. Total calories burned = 430 (Lower focus – 199 AND Cardio 1.0 – 231) Tomorrow is weigh-in day so I’ll keep you guys updated! Sunday is a stretch day and that’s it for week 1 of the T25. Looking forward toRead More

#fitnessFriday – Weight loss apps I am currently using

I love playing with my android phone and many times, I end up spending unnecessary time on Instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook and YouTube. I therefore decided to install apps that would help me be productive while using it. Today, I will be telling you about my top 3 weight loss apps – which in combination wit the all new Nutrisystem lean 13 diet I’ve been trying, have started to show me permanent results. APP 1: MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO. This is my favourite even though it is a bit more difficult to useRead More

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