Sunday, August 23rd, 2015


My favourite planning app: “To-Do Calendar Planner”

Hi people! I hope you had a great weekend? I love playing with my android phone and many times, I end up spending unnecessary time on instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook and YouTube. I therefore decided to install apps that would help me be productive while using it. Today, I will be telling you about my numero uno planning app: The To-Do Calendar Planner. It does have a learning curve but it serves the function. You can: Plan your day, week, month or year. Schedule appointments. Set reminders. Plan goals. Etc. To download it,Read More

T25 – day 7 and weigh-in!

I just completed the 25-minute STRETCH video and it felt really good to get my muscles stretched and lengthened. I did my weigh-in this morning and my weight was 73.2 kg. On day 1, I weighed 73.7 kg so I’m down 0.5 kg (a little over 1 pound) from the start of this journey. Although it is not a major change, I don’t mind. I just pray that I can lose this consistently lose this amount weekly until I reach my goal. I have been watching my food and doing shortRead More

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