It’s weigh-in time: T25 {End of week 2}

Hi peeps. I’m down another 0.6 kg (1.32 pounds)! Yay! Slow progress is still progress. I weighed 73.2 kg last week.

My waist size has however refused to budge so I have decided to concentrate on it squarely. I have been doing short supplemental workouts like walking, abdominals and dancing. Plus I have wearing a latex waist trainer for a few hours daily. I will do a separate post on the ab exercises and challenge soon.

On Friday, I missed doing my T25 workout in the morning. To make up for it, I did some dancing in the evening and burned about 500+ calories.


T25 – day 7 and weigh-in!
T25 – DAY 1

Talk to you soon!

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2 Comments to It’s weigh-in time: T25 {End of week 2}

  1. Candice says:

    You say “slow progress” I say it’s just “progress” keep going even if you miss a day or two!

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