10 discoveries I made on the journey to my current hair regimen 

Hello dear people. How have you been? For the last few months, I have been making tweaks to my hair regimen and it’s currently based on the following discoveries I made about my hair:

  1. Sulfate-free shampoos are still the bomb . com. I do have 2 other sulfate shampoos in my stash which are not that drying but I’ll choose a sulfate-free shampoo any day.
  2.  I have always hated shampooing my hair until I met my boo, Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo. Since then, I simply shampoo my hair and step out of the shower.
  3. My hair doesn’t like rinse-out conditioners. Ever since I stopped using conditioners after washing my hair, it feels more airy and easy to comb through. My ends are no longer sticky like Velcro. I am thinking though maybe it’s the Aveda shampoo that hates being followed up with any conditioner. Or maybe it only works with its ‘partner conditioner’. I am thinking of purchasing the Aveda Dry Remedy Deep Conditioner to see if my hypothesis is correct.
  4. My hair also doesn’t like most co-washes. I will experiment with some over the next few months and give you feedback.
  5. Prolonged deep conditioning especially overnight deep conditioning killed my hair. Now, I condition my hair for not more than 30 minutes – 1 hour if I’m busy or the instructions say so.
  6. I don’t need henna. I have been using temporary/semi-permanent black rinses for my hair to keep the blackness vibrant.
  7. Protein products are best used prior to washing my hair. I do however love Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer (which is a mild protein-based moisturizer) for my twistouts. I am also going to experiment with another protein-based leave-in, Creme of Nature argan oil argan oil leave-in soon.
  8. My high porosity hair functions best without humectant leave-in products. In simple terms, I stay away from ALL leave-in products containing vegetable glycerin and its sisters. This includes Ecostyler gel. Have you ever wondered why after using Ecostyler gel, your hair became frizzy a few hours later? It probably means that you have high porosity hair and the vegetable glycerin in the gel is absorbing the water from the atmosphere.
  9. I still have a phobia for products which contain petrolatum and mineral oil. I could use them if they give me results. I think these days, I ‘m leaning a lot towards how a product makes my hair feel as against the ingredient list.
  10. I do however think silicones are not as bad as I thought they were. Although I use them as little as possible because of the risk of buildup, I still think they are okay. I also shampoo my hair regularly anyways so that helps keep buildup away.

I will continue sharing my weekly wash day routines so you can have an idea of what I do with my hair these days.

What discoveries have you made about your hair lately? 

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6 Comments to 10 discoveries I made on the journey to my current hair regimen 

  1. Nicole Hunter says:

    I love this post! I personally am not a fan of shampoo or cowashing. In fact, I have a complete diy hair regimen where I wash my hair with Seaweed powder & coconut milk & deep condition with Godrej nupur mehendi powder & coconut milk as henna doesnt color my hair & I love & use it for its protein effects.

  2. Dabs says:

    interesting observations!! I love co-washes!!I think I need to try your product.

  3. Babs says:

    Keep it up Doc. If there is one thing that changed my hair positively, it’s your no 7 observation. The day I started using a protein conditioner as a pre poo prior to washing and stopped using a protein based leave in was the day my hair started doing well. My roots are now soft, easy to work with and of course minimal shedding/breakage. Now I watch out for a moisturizing DC and Leave in. I only do light protein treatment once in a month or even two months. My scalp does not tolerate co washes too.

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