Glam Up Your Holiday Beauty Look with These Easy Tips

Fall is officially here and winter is most definitely on its way! As the weather cools down and you start receiving an influx of holiday party invites, consider revamping your beauty look with these easy tips. From makeup to skin care, you’ll be prepared to turn heads this holiday season. 

Winter Skin Tips

We all want to have a glowing, flawless complexion, but winter weather can really affect our skin, leading to flaking and irritation that even the best cosmetics can’t fully cover up. If your skin is feeling the effects of the cold, dry air, it’s important to take the right steps to keep it looking its best. Be sure to moisturize daily and avoid taking excessively hot showers, as this can deplete the skin of moisture. Looking for more skin care ideas? Skin care company BioClarity offers a variety of skin care tips to keep your skin looking its best year round, including moisturizer suggestions, skin type questions, and more, so check them out and give your skin the tender loving care it deserves this winter season. 

1. Get Glittered

If there’s any time of year to wear glitter, it’s during the holiday season. From office Christmas parties to New Year bonanzas, adding a little sparkle to your outfit or makeup routine is a way to add some festive cheer to your glam look. Looking for a more subtle way to add some glitter glam to your ensemble? Add a bit of glittery nail polish to your ring fingers on each hand, or go the whole nine yards and deck out every nail in glittery goodness. 

2. Dashing through the Snow

Have party guests thinking you’re fresh from the slopes by applying a bit of pink rouge to the apples of your cheeks. The right touch of blush will give you that wind-whipped, fresh look that winter weather provides, and you’ll look alive and vibrant in all of those fun holiday photos. Hint of caution: Don’t go overboard, you’re not looking to channel Bobo the Clown here. Just a light smattering should do the trick. 

3. Use Highlighter to Your Advantage

Get liberal with the application of your highlighter for a glam look at your next holiday party. Select a liquid highlighter that features a hint of golden undertone. Apply with your fingers or blending brushes along the top of the cheek bone and extend into the hairline for a natural progression of product. Be sure to set your highlighter (and the rest of your beauty products) with a product like Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder for the perfect finishing touch.

4. Vampy Eyelashes

Get glam with some fantastic eyelash additions. Pick up some inexpensive one-time use fake eyelashes at a local drug store or consider checking out Amazing Lash Studio, where you can get eyelash extensions that hold out for weeks, sure to carry you through all the events the holiday season has to offer. Once you’ve applied those glam-tastic extensions and really made your eyes pop, add a bit of glittering shimmer to the ends of your lashes for a subtle bit of sparkle that will have everyone hoping you’ll meet them under the mistletoe.

5. Try a New Lip Color

If you’ve been aching to try out a new, bold lip color, the holiday season is the time to do it. Whether you go with the classic red lip or try out a deep hue of purple to really set off your outfit, friends and family are sure to take notice. Be sure to tone down the eye makeup when you rock this look; you’ll want your pout to be the star of the show. Simple black liner (as tight to the lash line as possible) and a coat of fantastic mascara are more than enough. 

As those Christmas party invites start pouring in, start planning your beauty routine and inject some vibrancy back into your cosmetic routine with these fun and holiday-approved beauty tips.

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