Men’s Winter Clothing Trends Your Guy Needs to Follow

Let’s face it ladies, guys can’t always be trusted to make the soundest fashion choices. That same puffer jacket he’s had since college and those scuffed up boots aren’t going to cut it this winter, and it’s time you took charge and added a few of the latest trends to his closet. Though trends can’t always be trusted, the ones listed below are sure to stick around and serve him well for many seasons to come.

1. Duffle Coat

This stylish coat is easily recognizable by its wooden toggles instead of buttons, which sets it apart while keeping it classic enough to be worn every day. Usually made from coarse wool and with a hood included, this coat style is perfect for the darkest days of winter.

2. Leather Jacket

This is one that truly never goes out of style. A longtime symbol of edge and rebellion, it will add an effortlessly cool vibe to your guy and keep him warm all winter long. The right leather jacket can be worn on its own or layered over t-shirts and sweaters for added insulation. Stick to basic black for a look that will serve him well. If full leather isn’t in the cards this year, a faux leather jacket can provide the same combination of fashion and utility. Look for elegant, updated versions of this classic trend on

3. Flannel Shirt 

No longer just a symbol of 90’s grunge, long hair and doc martens, the flannel is finally making the comeback it deserves. Checks and plaids are at the forefront of fashion this season, and there’s no better (or more comfortable) way to play with those patterns than on a flannel. A classic black and red buffalo print or more versatile black and white will add a little style to his winter wardrobe without sacrificing any warmth.

4. Chelsea Boot

Proper footwear is key to surviving the season, and luckily we’re seeing more styles in men’s shoes than ever. Boots are a go-to and come in a multitude of varieties, but this season is all about the Chelsea boot. These slip-on boots are easy and appropriate for almost any occasion, from a quick trip outside to the office or a night out.

5. A Bright Scarf

Another must in any winter wardrobe, scarves are non-negotiable when dealing with truly extreme winter conditions. This season, hook your guy up with a bright color or interesting pattern to stand out against his (likely) muted color jacket. A brighter, more colorful scarf will also highlight his face and bring attention to his fashion efforts.

6. Knitted Polo Shirt

Perfect for the days before the cold really picks up, a polo serves as a lighter layer in the days leading to more frigid weather. Layer over longer t-shirts and under a casual coat – it’s a look that required minimal effort and is perfect for the guy who isn’t super tuned in to the fashion world.

7. Embellished Bomber Jacket

Another trend that’s holding its ground is the bomber jacket, though this season it’s all about the modern details. Intricate embroidery and sewn on badges were all over bombers on the runway, so keep an eye for this trend. If that’s a little too fashion forward, try mixing up the material – wools, leathers and velvets will still provide a stand out piece your guy may be more comfortable with.

8. Knit Hat

Not so much a new trend as a fashion stronghold, a knit hat nonetheless is a must in your man’s closet. While there are more trendy options like the fedora out there, a knit hat wins purely on functionality. It covers the head and ears and the cozy material can’t be beat. Those less formal then traditional hats, it can still be worn with more formal wear – just skip the tassels and pom-poms. Personalize a special beanie for him at

There you have it. Make these items a mainstay in your man’s wardrobe, and he’ll be looking runway-ready while keeping warm throughout the season.

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