Regimen plan and experimentation in the next few weeks. 

Hi dear people.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned to you that I think my hair doesn’t like cetearyl/cetyl alcohol. I have now gotten several products (deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners)  which do not have this ingredient.

Secondly, since it is now cold here in Canada, I want to stay away from coconut oil products because I have the impression that it might make my hair hard when it solidifies in the cold air. I will be using leave-in conditioners without coconut oil. For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about my weekly wash days. I will rotate only the leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners and keep everything else constant (except for the day I use ORS replenishing conditioner). I will explain why later.  

What regimen changes are you making and why? 

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4 Comments to Regimen plan and experimentation in the next few weeks. 

  1. Osa says:

    Oh wow didn’t know you moved, can’t imagine adding the weather to the drama. I guess it’s a good time to invest in all sorts of wigs.
    It’s castor oil my scalp dislikes, so I get a lot of dry scalp when I use but it really helps my hair line so I use today then use the elasta avocado mango butters the next so seems to work.

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      Yes I do have two wigs but the second one makes me look a bit old so I am looking at getting a few more wigs soon. That’s a good idea to alternate the Castor oil like that 🙂

      • Osa says:

        I know the feeling, I’m not a wig person also but it helps. I have only one wig and it’s light not as full as “Lagos babe” wigs. That’s the only way I enjoy it thou ain’t glam to others. I’m planning on getting a micro braid wig to alternate with. Then I crotchet loads so easy access to my scalp.

        I guess it’s a totally different ball game there but you have the winter experience already from Paris so you shld be fine. When I was in England I lost my hair and had to start all over again because I left it out during winter. Once it was October I wld be in weaves or braids back to back.

        Thank God for all round beautiful weather in recession ridden Nigeria.

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