Relaxer day update (13th October, 2016) 

Hi lovely people. I got my hair relaxed a little over a week ago. The night before, I applied Jamaican Black Castor oil to my edges and on relaxer day, I applied Roux Porosity Control Conditioner on the previously relaxed hair.

When I got to the salon, I was about 15 minutes late for my appointment and she had already started doing someone else’s hair. I know I was late but I felt that for a relaxer appointment, you keep at least 45 minutes blocked out. I had to wait for that customer and after that,  I had to be squeezed in between her other appointments. I ended spending at least 4 hours in the salon. I have resolved to be early for my next appointment.

The relaxer used was: OPTIMUM® MULTI-MINERAL® Reduced pH Crème Relaxer (regular strength). It is a lye relaxer. She did the half-and-half method where she relaxed the front first, rinsed it off and then relaxed the back. She relaxed my hair from root to tip because she felt that the texture was uneven. There was one complaint though she made about my hair that the previous stylist I used in Paris also told me: there was something sticking to my strands from like half way down the shaft. This bottom half was the part that I had used the Phyto relaxer so I don’t know if this is what it is. Or could it be henna? I really don’t know.

She rollerset my hair with the Revlon Equave leave in conditioner and then flat ironed it afterward. My hair was so silky and bouncy when she was done.

Final thoughts:

Since my hair is fully relaxed now and not ‘texlaxed’ anymore, it is a lot thinner than it was last year so I’ve decided to start taking hair supplements daily. I hope that helps thicken it up.

I have also been considering doing a big chop and starting all over again but I can be quite a stubborn person and I hate doing what everyone else is doing. Plus I don’t want to disappoint all the relaxed hair ladies that follow my journey. I’ll keep you posted.

How was your last relaxer update? What do you prefer? Natural? Texlaxed? Or bone straight hair? And why?

What do you think? Should I stay relaxed or go natural?

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4 Comments to Relaxer day update (13th October, 2016) 

  1. Osa says:

    Hello dear, it’s been a while. I know that feeling of straight bone hair for fine hair like mine. Story of our lives, I followed your tips and got products from sizzelle And got to almost bra strap. Had to chop to APL cos of the comments – why do people equate thin hair to unhealthy? I love the bounce the shorter length comes with thou but I think I will go texlax in future to achieve the fullness. Maybe for my 40th

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      I know the feeling OSA! I’ve had fine hair for as long as I can remember. Tried texlaxing. It looked fuller but was not as silky as it is now. Maybe for my 40th, I’ll do a big chop. Yes.. That’s a good idea. But it’s a few years away. Lol.

      • Osa says:

        That silkyness is what I enjoy in having my hair so I don’t know how I will enjoy texlax.
        I’ve always had bob hair cut but you inspired me to grow.
        Yes oh lol 40th is a few years away so enough time to decide if a chop or try texlax

        • Dr Fomsky says:

          I think I’ll stop my hair growing at bsl and keep trimming it when I get there because of the thickness of my hair. If it were thicker, I might aim for mid back or waist length.

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