December, 2016


Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is now only less than a mere three weeks away. With the season, comes colder weather that includes often bitterly low temperatures. As a result, you will want to protect your skin so that it remains as healthy and beautiful as possible all season long. Here are a few of the best winter beauty tips to follow during the coldest months of the year. 1. Choose a good moisturizer to use on your skin. While you might only think of this beauty product as necessary for your face andRead More

How to work with your hair’s porosity: Low porosity hair

Introduction At the beginning of this series on hair porosity, I discussed what hair porosity is and how to determine your hair porosity. If you are interested, you can read those posts first before proceeding. How to work with your hair’s porosity: What is hair porosity? How to work with your hair’s porosity: determining your hair porosity What is low porosity hair?  Low porosity hair doesn’t absorb water very readily and therefore has a tendency to feel dry. This feeling of dryness might make people with low porosity hair toRead More

Wash day featuring Pureology hydrate shampoo – December 2nd, 2016 

This wash day featured two new products: Pureology Hydrate shampoo (which I bought last month) and Blue Roze Beauty Strawberry Hibiscus Deep Conditioner. I have done a review of this deep conditioner and you can read it HERE. PREPOO Scalp: Grapeseed oil mixed with peppermint oil for about an hour. Hair: Aunt Jackie’s In Control Deep Conditioner + JBCO + Organics Olive & Clove Oil Therapy. Sat underneath the standing dryer for about 20 minutes then proceeded to shampoo my hair. SHAMPOO After rinsing out my pre-poo treatment from my hair,Read More

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