Hello dear people. I bought this deep conditioner in October but I just hadn’t gotten around to using it until my last wash day. I picked it because it doesn’t contain any cetyl/cetearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin or coconut oil. If you have been reading my most recent posts, you might have seen that I have been avoiding these ingredients.

Full product name:

BLUE ROZE BEAUTY Strawberry Hibiscus Deep Conditioner

Product Directions:

Use with steamer, steam cap or dryer for 30 minutes for maximum benefits. Use for the minimum of five minutes.

Product Claims:

Strawberry Hibiscus deep conditioner is formulated with tucuma butter to intensely moisturize & replenish damaged hair.


water, aqueous extract of hibiscus, & bhrami, tucuma butter, olive oil, blueberry butter, btms, msm, honey, fragrance (phthalte free) preservative (paraben free)

The application process

To ensure that my hair was clean, I shampooed twice before applying it to my towel dried hair. While applying it, it made my hair soft on immediate contact and had great slip. I left it in for about an hour without heat while doing some exercise. I rinsed it out thoroughly with warm water afterward.

First impressions

  • Doesn’t have a remarkable smell. Just to let you know I’m not very particular about fragrance except it’s very nice or very bad.
  • It does contain very fine particles of ?hibiscus or ?strawberry. (Even though this product had strawberry in its name, I didn’t see any mention of it in the ingredient list).
  • It is pink in colour and has an extremely soft creamy consistency. (Almost like soft serve ice cream).
  • It is almost runny but it doesn’t drip off my finger when turned upside down.


My opinions

  1. With regards to slip, I give it a score of 7/10.
  2. For softness after rinsing it out, 6/10. I added softness to the grading because many deep conditioners feel good while they are still in your hair but after you rinse it out, your hair is back to feeling dry.
  3. It left my hair feeling slightly coated but this is probably due to the butters in it.
  4. My air dried hair felt moisturized, very fluffy and soft.
  5. The labelling is not of the best quality. I did watch some YouTube reviews where it was mentioned that water rubbed off the writing in the label.
  6. It is such a small amount for the price. ($14.99 for 8 oz worth if product). I went half through the jar in just one wash day!



Where to buy

  1. Blue Roze Beauty website 
  2. Hattache (I bought mine here. They ship to many countries around the world and their customer service is good. I’m not being sponsored to say this  🙂 ).


Will I repurchase? I probably would but I’ll wait until after I try the Manuka Moisturizing Deep Conditioner by the same brand.

star rating 4_of_5


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