Dr Fomsky


Moving to self-hosted WordPress

Hi everyone. I’m in the middle of moving this blog to wordpress. I don’t know how that’s going to work out but it might mean that this page will be down for a few days or less. Wish me luck!   Dr Fomsky

How to build a skin care regimen part 1

       I’m a firm believer that some are born with it, some have to work for it and there are a few unfortunate few that will never get it. This is my philosophy for many things in life.      When I was in medical school, I had a few friends that could sleep in their makeup and would never break out. They always marveled why I would wash my face every night: they just couldn’t see the need for it. Unfortunately, I fall into the category of those who haveRead More

You can still be a hot mom: what clothes to shop for when you’re pregnant

Just me, having a cracking time (I almost lost my balance!)      When you’re pregnant and you find that you can no longer fit in your old clothes, you know it’s time to go shopping for new clothes! If you’re like me, you might not want to buy too many because pregnancy is only for 9 months! When I’m pregnant, my basic wardrobe consists of: at least one jacket. (I love to wear a jacket over sleeveless tops and jeans: it looks really stylish!!) a pair of black trousersRead More

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