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Caught in the mill of life

       Hello everyone! I am so sorry that I stopped blogging so abruptly! A lot has happened in the last  few months and I just couldn’t bring myself to blog but now, things have quietened down and I’m back! Just about the time I wrote my last post, I received some news and I really had mixed feelings about it. I was in the middle of preparing for my final exams for my MSc Public health. (By the way, my results are in and I’m grateful to GodRead More

Hair breakage 101

  Everyone loses some hair daily but if you notice that you’re losing more hair than normal, you’ve got to check it! It might be shedding or breakage. If you see long hairs with the hair bulb, this is probably shedding. This is caused by stress, hormones, change in diet, pregnancy, etc. You can reduce this by taking a good oral supplement, eating fruits and vegetables, taking adequate protein in your diet, checking your stress level.      On the other hand, if you see shorter strands, your hair is breaking.Read More

Suggestions for protein and moisturizing conditioners

I didn’t want to make my last post about the difference between protein and moisturizing conditioners too long so I decided to break it into two. Here are some suggestions adapted from Hairlista’s favorite conditioners. I’ve added some of my own suggestions too.       Moisturizing conditioners Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol KeraCare Humecto Lustrasilk Shea Butter  and Mango Cholesterol (I’ve also used this conditioner at the beginning of my hair journey. It’s okay but I don’t think it might made my hair as soft as I would like it to be. IRead More

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