December 2009 (18 months after my first child)


I started my first blog, Versatilewoman, in 2008. It is essentially a blog where I talk about my everyday experiences. When I was pregnant for my second child, I went from 70 kg (154 pounds) pre-pregnancy to 90 kg (198 pounds) by the end of the pregnancy. I felt that it would be better to have a separate blog to catalog my weight loss journey back to my pre-pregnancy state. Hence my decision to start this blog.

I love looking good and I’m particularly interested in skincare, hair care, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping fit. Over time, I’ve found that the hair and skin topics have even surpassed the weight loss topics but I will continue to post topics related to weight management.

I love blogging because it gives me an opportunity to express myself in words and I hope that I can help someone achieve a total makeover by following my beauty tips. I promise to move with the times and hope to still be blogging for many years to come.     

     When you learn principles, you are empowered to make decisions yourself. This is why I enjoy writing about the basics of why I do what I do. I won’t assume you already know it. I also answer questions my readers ask. When I don’t know all (no one can :)), I research for YOU. I also regularly include links for you to read more about the topic.  I believe these are the things that make my blog different from other hair and beauty blogs out there. I would be honored to start a relationship with you if you decide to follow this blog via google plus, networked blogs, bloglovin’, facebook, twitter or email. Or you can simply subscribe in a reader

As a medical doctor, I also have a Masters in public health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. My long-term goals are to pursue a career closely related to cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Enjoy reading through my posts and please leave comments: I’ll try to respond to them as soon as possible. Also watch out for freebies, giveaways, contests and challenges! I’m also open to doing product reviews and other marketing opportunities.

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