Frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I shop from the Sizzelle Nigerian Online Store?

1. Free Delivery (for orders over N5000) within Lagos for courier deliveries.
2. Pay on Delivery (for many locations in Lagos)
3. Nationwide delivery within 2-7 working days depending on your location
4. Convenient shopping : No need to go to the Mall.
5. Foreign products that have been personally researched by our owner who is a medical doctor AND hair & beauty blogger.
6. Knowledge about the products that we sell. If we believe that you do not need the product, we shall discourage you from buying it for the sake of buying.
7. If you are still not sure about your product choice, you can consult directly with our customer service personnel over any product before you buy.
8. Products with excellent online reviews.
9. Trustworthy business. We will not receive your money and not deliver. We value reputation over money. A good name is better than riches as far as we are concerned.

sizzelle believes in customer confidence

Q: I’ve browsed your website and many of the products are a bit on the pricey side
A: Although we do have some pricey items, we are also working on getting products with a wide price range so that no matter the size of your pocket, you can still afford to buy from us.
Some products might seem pricey you will immediately know the difference from the first day you use them because they are

  1. professional/’designer’ brands (for hair products) or
  2. dermatologist-recommended brands (for skin products).

Q: I have never heard about many of the products you carry on your Sizzelle Nigerian online store! Why is this so?
A: Our owner, Dr Fomsky, struggled with acne a few years ago and she spent a lot of money and time trying to solve this issue. Through reading, research and personal experience, she has educated herself about necessary ingredients to look for in hair and skin products. She discovered many products which work and can tell you the ones that won’t work. She discovered that a lot of brands were just hyped and did nothing. She also realized that the best products are the ones that no one knows anything about.
The Sizzelle Store was born out of her desire to share these products she discovered.


We believe that every Nigerian woman deserves to have genuine products and when you shop from us, we can assure you that you will definitely see results. However, if you purchase any product from us and you feel that it’s causing negative effects e.g making your hair break or making you break out in acne, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We shall see how you can return it to us for testing by our staff. If it reproduces similar effects, we shall drop it from our stock.

Why do we do this? We value your relationship and loyalty so highly! We’re not looking for a short-term relationship with you but a long-term relationship!

sizzelle values loyalty