Anti aging skin care


I just discovered that niacinamide can double as an anti-ageing AND lightening ingredient!

Hi people. Hope you had a great weekend? I want to tell you what I found out by chance. If you have been following my posts regularly, you might remember when I was complaining that I had seen a fine line on my forehead. I did some research and found out anti-ageing ingredients to look for. When it comes to hair care, I am all about reading ingredients so icanow, I have extended it to my skin care products too. Anyways, I started using Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum (whichRead More

Your contribution needed! What vitamin C cream or serum do you recommend?

Hi people!! A few posts ago, I talked about vitamin c being an important ingredient for anti-aging skincare. I will be doing more posts on ingredients and anti-ageing skincare tips so watch out for these. We will all age but it will be nice if it can be slowed a little! 🙂 A lovely blog reader asked me to recommend an effective vitamin c cream. I asked around and did some online research and the three that I have come up with for now are: Cue Skin Care Vita-C serum, ObagiRead More

Vitamin C as an anti-ageing ingredient

In my first post in this series, I listed out several ingredients to look out for in your anti-ageing product. Today, I will be talking about vitamin C As we get older, our skin is going to experience some ‘wear and tear’ and sun damage. This damage worsens when you are exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke or radiation. Even minimal ultraviolet exposure can decrease the vitamin C levels in the skin by 30 percent, while exposure from the ozone of city pollution can decrease the level by 55 percent, said Karen E.Read More

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