Back to the Basics


Back to the basics: moisturizing and sealing

                                Hi guys. One of the major causes of hair breakage is lack of moisture. There are several ways you can restore the moisture levels in your hair. They include: Deep Conditioning. You can read my post, BACK TO THE BASICS: DEEP CONDITIONING Baggying. To read my post about baggying, read HERE. Moisturizing and sealing.      Today, I’m just going to talk briefly about moisturizing and sealing. Most people I know that are on aRead More

Back to the basics: drying and styling your hair

       You’ve deep conditioned your hair and your hair is feeling very happy with you. The way you dry AND style your hair can help to add to or subtract from all the great things you’ve already done to your hair. There are several options available to dry your hair: Air drying: The healthiest way to dry your hair Wrapsetting Rollersetting Blow drying Using a Wet-to-dry flat iron 1. Air drying: This is the most healthy way to dry your hair because you allow your hair to dryRead More

Back to the basics: deep conditioning

       Deep conditioning! Deep conditioning! This is the ultimate step of any healthy hair journey! It is simply leaving conditioner in your hair for some time to allow it to penetrate the hair shaft. Regular deep conditioning will help reduce damage caused by  heat, dyes, relaxers, weave-ons, braids, Sulfate shampoos, etc. It will also help you retain length.      Not all conditioners are deep conditioners because ONLY CONDITIONERS WHICH PENETRATE THE HAIR SHAFT CAN BE CALLED A DEEP CONDITIONER. Any conditioner whose usage instructions call for  immediate rinse-off isRead More

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