Sunday Sound out: Can WEN® cause product buildup?

Yes. I think WEN cleansing conditioners have the potential to result in product buildup for at least two reasons. Firstly, they contain a water-insoluble silicone called amodimethicone. Although amodimethicone has less tendency to build up when compared with other silicones, this could eventually occur with prolonged use. Secondly, it doesn’t have surfactants or foaming agents to adequately remove hair product that could build up on your hair over time. Let’s back up a bit for my readers who don’t know what WEN is. WEN is a haircare brand developed by a hair care expertRead More

Co-wash with Garnier Fructose Triple Nutrition Fortifying Conditioner

I was walking down the hair products aisle in the supermarket and I just couldn’t resist getting a new conditioner. This conditioner seemed alright because it contained shea butter,  olive, avocado and almond oils plus it had a pump. I applied the conditioner to dry hair and sat underneath my steamer for 20 minutes.  I rinsed this off and did a curlformer set.  My leave-ins were Shu Uemura Art of Hair Wonder Worker Air Dry/Blow Dry Perfector, Nothing But Melted Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner and Bee Mine Luscious Balanced CreamRead More

You can make your own cleansing conditioner

                                  I have never really liked the way shampoos left my hair brittle and dry. My curiosity was piqued when KLP of Saving our Strands published a post called making your own co-cleanser. She described how you can make your own conditioner cleanser (or co-cleanser). Her recipe is one part shampoo: two parts oil: three parts conditioner. I mixed my first co-cleanser using a ‘cheapie’ conditioner, a few squirts of shampoo and apple ciderRead More

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