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Sunday Sound out – How long to relax hair, ApHogee 2-step and more…

Q1: How long to relax hair again? Can I retouch my hair 2 weeks after my last relaxer treatment? A: NO. A two-week interval is too short! Relaxers act on the scalp and it is a good idea to wait a little to give your scalp time to heal. Secondly, relaxers break down protein bonds in the hair so it is also wise to give your hair time to heal. Many relaxer manufacturers say 4 to 6 weeks but I usually advise a minimum of 8 weeks. I think 12 – 14Read More

Sunday Soundout: VO5 conditioners and Red Pimento oil

QI. What vitamins contain MSM? Hairfinity Hair Vitamins 750mg Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins 600mg GNC Women’s Ultra Nourish-Hair 500mg KAL – Hair Force 250mg GNC Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Formula 100mg Groganics Vitamins 50mg Caribbean Hair Grow50mg Toji: Pure Density Hair Nutrition Nutri-Ox Thinning Hair Vitamins MSM and Biotin: minerals and vitamins for hair growth  QII. Is it true VO5 conditioners have no silicones, and how’s that good for natural hair? Yes it’s true that VO5 conditioners do not contain silicones. Some girls with natural hair like toRead More

Sunday sound out: Answering your hair questions

 *Updated 25th March, 2015* 1. What is The Sizzling mommy’s sealing oil? I used to have an oil mix comprising olive oil, avocado oil, safflower oil and castor oil. Now I mostly use pure argan oil.  2. What is Sizzling mommy using to prepoo her hair? I also have an oil mix comprising coconut oil, hempseed, shea & cocoa butter. I sometimes use only coconut oil to prepoo. 3. Affirm FiberGuard Relaxer versus Profectiv Relaxer? I’ve used these two relaxers before and I think they’re both nice. The only difference isRead More

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