How Fashion Can Transform Your Self-Confidence

We all joke about how much, in an ideal world, we’d all be able to work at the computer in our PJs all day. And while a day in PJs can be great and even therapeutic here and there, it can also make you feel a bit slouchy. Don’t you agree? There is something to the fact that we are more productive and feel better about ourselves when we feel like we look nice on the outside. It’s similar to the notion that, when we eat healthier, we feel better,Read More

Christmas Essentials to Put On Your Holiday Shopping List

You don’t have much time to shop for Christmas this year. No, we mean it (well, sort of)! When you think about it, you only have a couple of months, and if you have picky present openers like we do, this isn’t a lot of time. What do you buy the person who has everything? Are there certain must-have gifts this year? It’s time to start shopping or, at the very least, to start planning. Read on for tips on essentials to put on your holiday shopping list. Cozies forRead More

Men’s Winter Clothing Trends Your Guy Needs to Follow

Let’s face it ladies, guys can’t always be trusted to make the soundest fashion choices. That same puffer jacket he’s had since college and those scuffed up boots aren’t going to cut it this winter, and it’s time you took charge and added a few of the latest trends to his closet. Though trends can’t always be trusted, the ones listed below are sure to stick around and serve him well for many seasons to come. 1. Duffle Coat This stylish coat is easily recognizable by its wooden toggles insteadRead More

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