Working towards a flat tummy


P.M. WOTD: “Day 02: Cardio Abs | Six Day Six Pack Workout” on YouTube

Hi peeps.  This is my way of staying accountable. From Monday next week, I will do a weekly summary so I don’t bore you out! 🙂 Hugs and good night Dr Fomsky

P.M. WOTD: “Day 01: Ab Burner | Six Day Six Pack Workout” on YouTube

Got in a few minutes of exercise tonight! Yay to me! 

P.M. WOTD: “10 Min Standing Abs Home Workout | Keeping It Real-Time Workout” on YouTube

I really am on a roll today. I had a few minutes to spare tonight so I decided to sneak in 10 minutes of workout. 😛 I particularly liked this video because it had no burpees, planks or mountain climbers. It is a completely standing workout. It has no warm-up so I started at a slow pace to build my momentum. I also stretched on my own cos’ it also had no cool-down or stretch. All in all, I will call it a quick moderate to high intensity workout.  Have a lovely night!Read More

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