Greenhouse effect


Official greenhouse challenge announcement!

       Last week in my post, Let’s just chat, I talked about having a Greenhouse challenge and a few people were really eager. In fact, some gals have even started the challenge already and sent me some pics.  What is the Greenhouse Effect? It is basically applying a natural oil to your hair and covering your hair till it steams up naturally. “It helps to promote hair growth by creating a natural warm steamy environment that enables the natural oils from your scalp to come out and help yourRead More

Let’s just chat

         Hi everyone, how have you been? I’ve been okay…I haven’t done a length check since I retouched my hair: first of all, I couldn’t find my length check t-shirt. When I finally did, my memory card got spoilt (a lot of my pictures are now lost!). Fortunately, I have another memory card with some pictures there too.      I haven’t trimmed my hair since I retouched it: I was going to but someone asked me to do a post on how I trim my freshly relaxed hair. I knowRead More

How I incorporate the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ into my regimen

                          In my last hair update post, I talked about how I used the Greenhouse Effect to get 3 inches of growth in 3 months. [Normal hair growth is 1/2 inch monthly]. Someone recently left this comment on my blog: “I was just wondering how you combine the GHE with your regimen, since it requires that you use all natural products and don’t apply any oil on your scalp. I’m a bit confused about it.”      She’s prettyRead More

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