Hairspiration: Meet Nkiru! Emem again!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a pic of one of the staff at my Sizzelle Online Store. Her hair is about the same length as mine and she is extremely passionate about taking care of her hair. Infact, she’s way more fussy than I am! LOL! She started working for me last year when I just started The Sizzling Mommy Store and I taught her about prepooing, deep conditioning and as much as I could about healthy hair care. This is a pic of her hair taken yesterday.Read More

Feature Friday: Meet Joanne from Grow African Hair Long!

1. How long was your hair when you started your hair journey? What made you embark on a healthy hair journey? I started my hair journey in February 2010 which makes it almost three years since I started my hair journey. I actually stumbled across hair journey videos on you tube and at the time I just couldn’t believe that black hair could grow long. My hair had been shoulder length for as long as I could remember and in my opinion, that was the longest I thought it couldRead More

Jingle Bell Rock – Holiday Hair Special (Featuring fabulous bloggers)

Hello everyone! I would like to present to you a collaboration post between myself and four other hair bloggers. We are all wishing you a very very merry Christmas! And giving you style ideas and hair inspiration for Christmas. For my style, I had rollerset and wrapped my hair the previous night. I parted my hair into front and back. It’s a bit rough cos’ firstly, I’m so terrible at styling my hair neatly! Secondly, I have a bit of new growth! I rolled the front to the side andRead More

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