Health issues


Foods rich in MSM

Hi everyone. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start taking joint supplements. Not that I have any joint issues but since I do a lot of high impact exercise, I am taking them as a precautionary measure. When I read the ingredients of the bottle I bought, I learnt that it also contained MSM. YAY! An added hair benefit for me! I have talked about the benefits of MSM for the hair. You can read that HERE and HERE.  If you are not a supplement kind of person, you canRead More

Too much carbohydrates in our diet!

This is my favourite dish: white rice, fried plantain and chicken, beef or fish! I don’t usually add any vegetables and when I do, it is just a little side dish.   This is a far cry from the recommended healthy meal portion which looks something like this: There are two main types of starchy carbohydrates: 1) Refined carbohydrates e.g white rice, white bread, white pasta, etc 2) Natural/complex carbohydrates e.g Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, wholewheat bread, bananas, beans, yams, etc. I’m sure you know that naturalRead More

What are your New Year’s health and beauty resolutions?

           Hello everyone. Happy New Year to you. I stopped making resolutions since I was in High school because I always broke them before it was February. Now, I just make goals at different points in my life, not necessarily at the beginning of the year.       In the last year, I didn’t take very good care of my hair: I can’t count how many times I flat ironed my hair because it was just the fastest and easiest way to style my hair. Besides, IRead More

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