Operation 13 pounds


True foods for two challenge

No processed foods for two months! I’ve been thinking of a game plan to drop this extra 13 pounds that won’t be too drastic. Last year, when I lost 5 kg within a little over a month, my face really became so thin and my neck so long!! LOL!! I’ve decided that I want to lose the weight slowly and maybe my face won’t thin out as much. So, I’ve embarked on a simple 2-month diet and exercise plan I’ve called TRUE FOODS FOR TWO: Walk at least 30 minutesRead More

Happy New Year!!!

Hello to all my darling readers! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yesterday, I did a checklist of my 2012 resolutions and discussed some of my 2013 resolutions. In line with that, I have decided to have 4  focused ‘programs’ to achieve my 4 major goals for this year: Operation 13 pounds Operation Slim that waist line. You can follow my progress in these two programs by doing a Weight loss weekly diary. Operation WL (waist length) hair: I will continue my weekly Hair diary and do tri-monthly length checks. 2-a-day Bible reading:Read More

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