Relaxed hair tips


How long do I leave the relaxer on my hair to obtain texlaxed results? 

Answer: I would say not more than 15 Minutes when using a normal or mild strength relaxer. The length of time is however determined by how fast your hair responds to the relaxer and how much texture you want to be left. For some textures, it could be 5 minutes, others 10 and still others 15.    The best way of determining how long to leave the relaxer on is by doing a strand test. In the weeks leading up to your relaxer day, save any hair strands that youRead More

Sunday Sound Out: solving the mystery of how to use light protein conditioners weekly

Hi guys! Hope y’all having a lovely Sunday? Today, I want to let you into an email conversation I had with one of my lovely blog readers a few weeks ago. Q: Hello sizzling mummy. Please I need your help: my hair lacks protein & it has more moisture. I usually wash my hair after every 2 weeks & I alternate between protein deep conditioning and moisturize deep conditioning? Do I need to do more protein deep conditioning? And also what’s the best protein treatment product I could use please?Read More

Why I am stretching my relaxer and tips to help you stretch your relaxer

I am currently 16 weeks post-relaxer in this video. My love-hate relationship with relaxers – CLICK HERE More tips to help you stretch your relaxer – CLICK HERE Products mentioned in this video: – Pura Body Naturals Chocolate Hair Smoothie – Aubrey Organics Island Naturals Conditioner

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