Retaining hair length


Lethal enemies to retaining hair length

     After being on this hair journey for 3 years, I can tell you the primary things that I feel can prevent you from retaining length. I call them Lethal Enemies of achieving long hair. Stretching your relaxer longer than you can handle. Detangling your hair the wrong way. Combing your hair every single day. Air drying the wrong way. Irregular deep conditioning. Infrequent and/or ineffective moisturizing and sealing. Applying oil to dry hair Frequent use of direct heat on your hair. Manipulating your hair too frequently or inRead More

Fake it Until you Make it — Long Hair Don’t Care (Guest Post)

       When I first started my hair journey, I remember watching a Youtube video where the hair vlogger was talking about the things she did to get her hair to longer lengths — products, regimen, etc.  But one tip really stood out to me — act like your hair is long already.  And I mean it makes sense, as you embark on your healthy hair journey, the length will be added gradually.  It’s not like on Day 271, you will have long hair and will have to instantaneouslyRead More

Length retention: Keeping your ends moist 24/7

      There is one thing common to most black ladies who have successfully grown longer healthy hair: they moisturize their hair frequently. I usually moisturize my hair nightly or every other night (if I’m too tired). Some days ago, I stumbled on something called Chicoro’s method of moisturizing and sealing. I decided to try it and I must tell you that I’m blown away. She’s a natural-haired girl and most of the people I saw talking about it were also natural-haired. Hair is hair so I decided toRead More

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