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Vitamin C as an anti-ageing ingredient

In my first post in this series, I listed out several ingredients to look out for in your anti-ageing product. Today, I will be talking about vitamin C As we get older, our skin is going to experience some ‘wear and tear’ and sun damage. This damage worsens when you are exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke or radiation. Even minimal ultraviolet exposure can decrease the vitamin C levels in the skin by 30 percent, while exposure from the ozone of city pollution can decrease the level by 55 percent, said Karen E.Read More

Anti-ageing ingredients to look for

Since I was in the university, I have always had to contend with acne and enlarged pores. I was able to minimise the acne and pores (although I still have flare ups) but recently as the 30s are in full swing, I noticed the first fine line on my forehead. I almost collapsed! Prior to now, I have not really been serious about using anti-ageing products because I have been tackling acne. I have had to change my skin care regimen to focus more on anti-ageing. I have therefore decidedRead More

My on-the-go winter essentials!

When I first moved away from Nigeria, my skin was peeling and my lips were another story. I stopped washing my face everyday: I was just cleansing it with an all-in-one facial cleanser-toner. However, I was still breaking out. I recently decided to return to washing my face twice a day and my face is a bit clearer. I do think though that my skin has adjusted cos’ it doesn’t flake anymore. To combat the dryness during the day, I re-moisturize my face every time it feels or looks dry.Read More

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