T25 – day 2

I jumped out of bed bright and early to get this workout done. I paused the video about 2 or 3 times but all in all, it was do-able. It was 25 minutes long and for the first round, there were stretch intervals. The second round was just straight working out. There was a 2 minute 25 second stretch and cool down at the end. Calories burned: 278 Talk to you later!

T25 – day 1

After going to bed at 4 am this morning, I rolled out of bed to get this workout done. This weekend, I had my best friend and room mate from University visiting with her hubby and 3 kids. A fun-filled weekend I tell you! Day 1 DVD is the Alpha Cardio. I struggled through the workout and had to keep pausing the video!  Thank God it was only 27 minutes 30 seconds (25 minutes of actual workout and 2 and a half minutes of cool down). Total calories burned: 286Read More

Unboxing of Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit – DVD Workout

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had just received my order of the T25 workout program and some of my instagram followers asked me if I could do an unboxing video. First thing this morning, I went right to it. P/S: While replaying this video, I noticed a voice lag. Please leave a comment if you experience this and I will upload it again. Someone also asked me how she could place an order. I bought this DVD box from Amazon and it was delivered to me in France. I am in France atRead More

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