Typical wash day


Mid-week wash day

Hi peeps. I was really enjoying my hair after my last wash day. If you recall, I had deep conditioned my hair overnight. My hair needed no moisturizer for 2 days which is not normal for me. I usually have moisturize my hair daily. Anyways, I kept having this desire to deep condition my hair (it’s becoming an addiction) and yesterday was a day off for me. About 3 pm yesterday, I co-cleansed my hair, applied some Strong Roots Pimento oil to my scalp then slathered my conditioning mix (HairvedaRead More

Wash day – breakage check

1. My wash day began on Friday night with an overnight prepoo. I usually use Strong Roots Pimento oil for my scalp but I’ve run out of it. In its place, I used Jamaican Castor Oil Serum with Argan oil. I used this because its bottle has a similar tip to the Pimento oil. 2. I sectioned my hair into 3 out of laziness: I usually do 4 sections. Then I braided each section. On my hair, I applied some oils..To be honest, I don’t know what oils are inRead More

Wash day: Wigging it this week!!

My hair is now about 7 weeks post-relaxer and my hairline is simply atrocious: I have tiny hairs growing all over and I’m tired of smoothening them! A friend of mine saw my hair and was asking me when I was going to get a relaxer touch-up. I think since my hair is texlaxed, it doesn’t look as straight as it could be. In addition, this Greenhouse effect challenge might actually be making my hair drier than usual. I haven’t fixed any weave this year and I don’t think IRead More

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