Tuesday, January 11th, 2011


Adding on more to my weight loss program!

       Yesterday, I stumbled on the 3-2-1 slimfast program: 3 snacks, 2 shakes and 1 major meal of 500 calories daily. I’ve decided to modify it by taking one fruit smoothie and a cereal bowl in place of the 2 shakes. I also bought some chewy snack bars for my snack.      I also used Lindsay Brin’s bootcamp 2 to work out in the morning. It has different options of picking and matching different routines to create your routine. It also has an 8 week program and IRead More

How to grow relaxed black hair part 2: Creating a regimen

           It is important to have a regular hair care regimen, which incorporates the basic steps in hair care. Your choice of a hair care regimen depends on the time available, willingness or ability to handle one’s hair personally and possession of hair styling equipment (a steaming cap, flat iron, hairdryer, etc). Suggested regimens            If you have time on your hands and have the necessary equipment, you can: Prepoo once a week with protein and oils (e.g Saturday). Follow this with a shampoo. Shampoo once a week (e.g Saturday)Read More

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