Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


Who’s interested in a Push-up challenge?

       Yesterday, I talked about push-ups and I decided to dig deeper to see how many I could do in proper form. Guess how many? Two!! For the next one month, I’m going to push myself till I get to 15 in one set. While I was writing this post, I stumbled on a website that offers to help you get to a hundred and I joined their challenge! Check it out @            I’m yet to see how possible that will beRead More

For Killer Abs, Try Some … Push-Ups?

  Before I read this article ‘ For Killer Abs, Try Some … Push-Ups? ‘ , I didn’t know that push-ups could help with your abs but I figure that it’s true because every time I try to do them, I feel the burn in my core! I’m still able to do only lady push-ups but I’m ready to step up my game to proper push-ups after reading this!! I even have the ‘Perfect Pushup device‘. I’ll try it out for the next one month to see if it helps a little withRead More

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