March, 2011


My top 15 hair products and techniques 2010

S-curl activator Washing my hair with Hair one tea tree oil cleansing conditioner  Kenra Moisturizing conditioner Finger-combing Co-washing Deep conditioning with heat at least once a week Hair therapy wrap Jamaican black castor oil 100 % Boar bristle brush Olive oil Prepooing with a protein conditioner every 7-10 days. I like Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner Air drying T-shirt drying ‘Baggying’ my hair when it feels really dry and I don’t have the time to deep condition Putting my hair in a bun Dr Fomsky Related articles TheRead More

Does S curl activator grow African hair?

       I’ve noticed that many visitors stumble across my blog in their search to know if S-curl activator helps to grow African hair. In my personal experience, it doesn’t directly cause hair growth the way something like Jamaican black castor oil does! But it’s a good moisturizer and if you read my steps on growing hair, you’ll understand how important it is to keep your hair well moisturized. When your hair’s moisture is balanced, this helps to prevent breakage. When your hair doesn’t break, it grows longer! That’s whyRead More

Who’s interested in a Push-up challenge?

       Yesterday, I talked about push-ups and I decided to dig deeper to see how many I could do in proper form. Guess how many? Two!! For the next one month, I’m going to push myself till I get to 15 in one set. While I was writing this post, I stumbled on a website that offers to help you get to a hundred and I joined their challenge! Check it out @            I’m yet to see how possible that will beRead More

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