April, 2011


How to shop for hair products part 3: buying a deep conditioner.

Conditioners are basically hair products that modify the appearance and texture of the hair. They can be used before or after shampooing the hair. They can be used to soften and detangle hair, heal damaged hair, etc. There are several ways of classifying conditioners, based on whether it is rinsed out or not. its protein content it is deep conditioning or not.      In this article, I want to focus on deep conditioners. Based on their protein content, conditioners can either be moisturizing conditioners or protein conditioners. Protein conditionersRead More

My top 10 face care products /practices

1. Dermalogica clearing skin wash  2. Proactiv revitalizing toner      3. Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion Pm      4. Mary Kay Acne treatment gel      5. Queen Helene mint julep mask      6. Wearing a sunscreen  of spf 15 or greater every time I’m outdoors      7. Washing my face at least twice a day      8. Eye cream 9. Glycolic acid peel      10. Derma-E peptides plus wrinkle reverse serum Dr Fomsky Related articles 3 Simple Rosacea Skin Care Steps Best Products for OilyRead More

I lost almost 6 pounds on my modified South beach diet

       I have been so desperate to lose weight quickly since I gave birth to my daughter 4 months ago. It hasn’t been easy but so far, I’ve lost about 10 kg (22 pounds) and a few of my old clothes are fitting me a little now. I was 70 kg before I became pregnant for my daughter and I weigh 74.5 kg now! This means that if I can lose another 4.5 kg, I’ll be back to where I was before I became pregnant. However, I haveRead More

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