Making a homemade leave in conditioner and hair sealing oil

     In a recent post, I described how I made a homemade protein conditioner using palm oil, avocado and natural yogurt. (To read this post, click HERE). After shampooing my hair, I applied a homemade banana-mango conditioner  and left it in for about 15 minutes before rinsing it out.

I didn’t like the texture of this conditioner and it was too runny. When I rinsed it off, it didn’t make my hair soft AT ALL.  My verdict: “I will not be making this conditioner again”. I’ll keep trying to make a homemade moisturizing conditioner and when I succeed, I’ll let you know. You can watch the video of how I made this homemade banana-mango conditioner by clicking HERE).

For my leave-in conditioner, I made a RosewaterAloe Vera juiceVegetable Glycerin mix. I didn’t use a measuring cup but I used approximately 80 ml of Rosewater, 20 ml of Aloe Vera juice and 20 ml of Vegetable Glycerin. To watch the video, click HERE. It really made my hair soft and I’ve been using it since as a moisturizing mist. I also use it to soften my 1 year old daughter’s natural hair during styling. If you’re interested in a natural/ homemade leave in conditioner, you should try this.

To make a sealing oil, I mixed 5 ounces of melted African shea butter and 1/8 cup of a vegetable glycerin-olive oil mix. Afterwards, I froze it for a few minutes to solidify it. It really made my hair soft and I love it so much that I’ve started using it as a body oil and I just bought a 5-pound batch of shea butter. I’m going to experiment with the shea butter by adding other oils like jojoba oil,etc. (I promise to post my recipes soon!). If you’d like to watch all my videos on my one-day experiment with natural hair care products, click HERE. Do take care.

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  1. Ifai says:

    When you say “African shea butter” is it the local one sold in the market?

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