January, 2012


Beauty spotlight: Viola Davis

         I was watching the Screen Actor’s Guild yesterday and when I saw Viola Davis, I was speechless! She took my breath away! She was looking so beautiful… like a queen… almost like a goddess… Her skin was so radiant…makeup impeccable!

How much weight did you lose from breastfeeding?

  Am I vain to want to weigh the same as I did on my wedding day? I weighed 65 kg (143 pounds) and that’s my dream weight! After having my daughter 3 weeks ago, I weighed 85 kg (187.4 pounds) the day I came back home from the hospital. Since then, I haven’t even done one second of exercise but I’ve lost 7.1 kg (15.7 pounds). Yay!! All I’ve done is to breastfeed exclusively so I figure that has to be what’s helping me shed the pounds. My first twoRead More

Back to the basics: Co-washing

       Co-washing is just using a conditioner to cleanse your hair and scalp instead of a shampoo. Shampoos can leave your hair dry and frizzy but using a conditioner to ‘cleanse’ your hair leaves it feeling soft. You apply it to your scalp and hair like a regular shampoo. Massage your scalp and hair like you normally do when you’re shampooing. If you like, you can comb through your hair and then rinse it off. Style your hair as normal. Some people co-wash 2-3 times weekly and useRead More

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