February, 2012


11 tips to turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

 This is my 3rd and last weight loss journey! I’ve had to lose weight after each pregnancy. I wish I didn’t add any weight during pregnancy but I do. There are certain ‘tricks’ I’ve learnt from each journey and they’ve always worked for me.   So, what are the tips for turning your body into a lean fat-burning machine? Track and monitor your calories: I already talked about this in a previous post, Food journal: an important part of any weight loss program. Build some muscle mass. Don’t be scaredRead More

Food journal: an important part of any weight loss program

       When I started my weight loss program a few days ago, I tried to watch what I ate.To be honest, I don’t know how much calories I was consuming daily. Was I even creating a calorie deficit in the first place?      A lot of times, we eat more than 2000 calories daily without even knowing it. What this means is that even when you cut down on your food, you’re actually cutting it down to 2000 (the recommended daily calorie requirement).That’s why you’re not losingRead More

I have a dress I want to fit into (day 4)

       Yesterday was my 4th day of doing Zumba. For the first time since I started my exercise regime, I did 15 minutes on the treadmill after I was done with my Zumba routine.      On the first day, I did the 50+ minutes basics DVD and subsequently, I started the Zumba 10-day slim fast program. I’m not a really good dancer but they make the steps easy to follow and I’m surprised how quickly I got the hang of it all. Each DVD lasts about 40+Read More

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