March, 2012


Heat-free styling

                              (I) HEATLESS WAVES ** When you’re styling this hair, ONLY FINGERCOMB. Applying some oil or serum to your fingers while doing so will prevent frizziness from occurring. (II) BANANA CLIP PIN CURL STYLE (INSPIRED BY HAIRLICIOUSINC’S VIDEO) [**Watch the video below by Hairliciousinc to recreate this hairstyle!]   (III) CINNABON (INSPIRED BY LOVE YOUR TRESSES’ VIDEO)   [*** Watch the video below by Love your Tresses to recreate this hairstyle] (IV) PSEUDO-BOB WITH A CLIPRead More

Hair update and healthy hair boot camp reminder

  Hi everyone. I just did a relaxer touch-up two days ago, after a 12-week stretch (my first time without doing braids or weave-on). I think I’m going to stick to 12 ± 1 weeks cos’  it works for me. Getting ready for the day, I did a protein treatment with Aphogee 2-step protein treatment (also my first time) 5 days before. I followed up by a deep conditioner with my Kenra moisturizing conditioner. On the D-day, I based my scalp with my oil mix and applied Avlon Fiberguard Preservo strengthening serumRead More

Back to the basics: cleansing your hair (shampooing and other things)

        Cleansing your hair is a very important step in hair management. What you use to cleanse your hair, how you do it, how frequently, etc all contribute to the health of your hair. To reduce damage from cleansing your hair, it’s so important to do a prepoo. I’ve talked about the importance of prepooing several times on this blog. [Read Back to the basics: prepooing].      What you use to cleanse your hair can either leave your feeling stripped or soft and there are severalRead More

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