June, 2012


Healthy Hair Bootcamp recap and length check June 2012

       Hi everyone, the Healthy Hair Bootcamp ends tomorrow so I’m posting this a day early. I’m happy with my progress: During the bootcamp: I did an overnight prepoo once a week with Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil on my scalp and  my pre-poo oil therapy (coconut oil, shea oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil) on my hair. Afterwards, I would shampoo my hair with TIGI Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Next, I would deep condition with either KeraPRO Restorative Treatment for DryRead More

Naturals in the City Meetup 30th June 2012

       Hello everyone! If you live in Lagos, save the date: Natural Nigerian and Screwy Haired girl are hosting a Natural Hair & Skin Meetup: NITC3 on 30th June 2012.  It’s holding at the Omenka Gallery Ikoyi from 1.30 pm to 6pm. There is also going to be a dermatologist (Dr Vivian Oputa) speaking! Plus, there’s going to be lots of giveaways and I will be attending! Dr Fomsky

Wash day 26th June 2012: detangling issues

       I’ve been experimenting with a few procedures and products so I decided to do a co-wash two nights ago. I detangled with a mix of rosewater and argan oil. I had read somewhere that rosewater makes your hair soft. I had tried it last week and it worked but this time, my hair was so hard. Maybe it’s because of all the protein I’ve used in the last few days [I used some on the day I relaxed my hair and the week before].      InRead More

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