Feature post: Dabs from Naija Hair Can Grow blog

  1. How long was your hair when you started your hair journey?  I started my hair journey late 2009 and my hair was past ear length to neck length. 
  2. What made you embark on a healthy hair journey? I was frustrated! My hair was suffering from over processing thanks to coloring it honey blonde regularly and very regular relaxer touch ups- every month without fail! When I went for my masters in the U.S, I discovered the world of you tube hair videos and decided there and then that I too wanted to start a hair journey and change my hair from unhealthy to healthy!
  3. What is your current length? I am currently Bra Strap length on the longest part of my hair but at least arm pit length with most other parts .
  4. Please share your regimen. What do you do daily, nightly and weekly, to care for your hair? On a daily basis I moisturize and seal my hair from root to tip in sections at least once a day either during the day or at night. Then every weekend, I give my hair a treat! I turn my bathroom into a hair spa and concoct all sorts of hair treatments like deep conditioning treatments, moisturizing treatments, hot oil treatments which can all be found on my blog. Read Dabs weekend regimen.You can also read this post describing the way Dabs moisturizes her hair, MOVE OVER MOISTURIZING/SEALING, ENTER THE LOC EASE METHOD!!
  5. How often do you touch up/relax? At least every 9 to 12 weeks. I find that stretching your relaxer effectively can really contribute to length retention and prevent chemical damage. For me, 9 to12 weeks makes for the perfect stretch. Before my hair journey started, I used to touch up every 4weeks! So it took a lot of discipline on my part to ignore the new growth and stretch but the stretching has surely paid off!
  6. How do you maintain moisture levels and manage breakage? I maintain moisture levels by moisturizing and sealing my hair daily; one of my hair mantras! I also do a lot of co-washes with just conditioners and this keeps my hair soft and manageable so I can overcome breakage. I also avoid hair styles that put stress on my hair and break it like weaves and extensions or products with alcohol which dry out hair and cause breakage.
  7. How do you detangle your hair to minimize breakage? I don’t joke with my water and glycerin mixture for detangling knots and tangles. I also use Mane ‘n Tail Detangler. I love it! 
  8. What is the best tip you have learned to protect your ends?  I know quite a few tips like regular trims of the ends to protect from split ends, using satin bonnets or silk pillows to sleep and tucking your ends away from rubbing against your clothes or pillow but the best tip I would say is sealing your hair with oils after miosturizing! Yes I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record! LOL but it has worked so much to protect my ends from drying out and frizzing away that I cannot emphasis it enough!
  9. How often do you wear your hair out vs. protective styling (buns, etc.)?   My hair is majority of the time left out, not necessarily hanging down though but I love to play with my hair though. I also ensure that I incorporate protective styles too, so much so I have a monthly Protective styles Look book I post on my blog. I have not used extensions; weaves, braids etc in my hair for over 2 years.
  10. Do you use direct heat? If so, how often? I hardly ever use direct heat on my hair because I know how bad it is for hair! I always air dry my hair. I have not used a blow dryer in at least 2 years. If I am going to straighten or curl my hair, I allow it to air dry first before I apply the heat after of course moisturizing and sealing and applying a heat protectant section by section to my hair or I opt for no-heat methods to create curls like satin rollers or flexi rods.
  11. You’ve made some huge progress with your hair journey. What do you attribute most to your success? Consistency, having a consistent regimen and just going with the flow and trying out products to see what works for my hair and sticking to the ones that work I will say has been the secret to my success.
  12. Have you had any setbacks/trouble along the way? How did you overcome your setbacks? And your favourite product? I have had what I felt were set backs. At the beginning of my hair journey I just wanted everything to work out so quickly and so when I’d retouch my hair with a relaxer I’d be so eager to see a huge difference in length but because of the over-processing my hair had suffered,  I had lots of split ends and had to get them trimmed off so initially my hair seemed the same length and that made me so dissappionted, it was until I relaxed and decided to keep at my regimen that I saw improvement. That’s the only feeling of a ‘setback’ I can think of. I have too many favorite products, you will have to visit my blog to find out.
  13. What’s your signature style? I always love to do the half up/ half down style with either a side or center parting and for a more stylish look, if I am going out to a fancy occassion I love to incorporate big braids into my hair styles.
  14. Do you do anything additionally to support your hair? (Nutrition, vitamins, exercise)? No, I exercise but that’s more to do with dropping pounds than having longer hair. I did take biotin when I started my hair journey but it was a chore because I do not like swallowing pills so I stopped.
  15. You’re stuck on a desert island and you can only have 3 hair related items with you. What would they be and why? A desert is dry and hot so if you have been reading this interview you should already know what I will bring…my water based hair moisturizer to combat the dryness and heat of the dessert, an oil to seal in the moisture like olive oil ( I’m a certified broken record! LOL) and a wide tooth comb to comb and detangle my hair!
  16. Looking back at your journey so far, is there anything you would do differently? Or wish you would have done sooner? Yes I wish I’d have given my hair a more severe cut at the start of my hair journey because I find that as my hair grows longer, I am having to cut off some length so my ends look better instead of uneven.
  17. Is there anything else you would  like to share that I haven’t asked you about? Or any links you would like to share? Nope. Not really, you have sucked the hair gist out of me! LOL! However, I would like to encourage ladies who think hair care is too difficult or complicated. It really isn’t: it’s all about taking basic mostly simple steps that accumulate to give great hair results. I encourage ladies reading this to just take the first step of checking mine at Naija Hair Can Grow and other hair blogs online and that could be the start of a journey that could transform your hair from being unhealthy to being healthy and long in a few years.
  18. Someone is reading this right now who’s about to start her hair journey. What advice would you give her? My advice would be: Start! Incorporate hair care to your other morning/weekend rituals. Iif you can sit through hours of pulling and tugging in a salon, then you can at least spare a few minutes a day to wait for it…..moisturize and seal your hair daily! LOL. Get informed, equip yourself with information about hair care. Source for products that work for YOUR hair and do not compare your progress to anybody else. If you have a set back, do not feel defeated. Keep at it, block out popular erroneous myths like ‘you must have white blood somewhere down the family line to grow long hair’ and surely your hair will grow and you shall testify!!
About the author
Dr Fomsky

Nigerian-born Dr Fomsky is a God-lover, a wife, a mom of three, a medical doctor by day. Plus she owns a Nigerian-based online hair product store called Sizzelle.
Dr Fomsky is very passionate about hair, skin and weight management. Since she's had her babies, she's been struggling to keep her weight and her tummy down!
At night, she likes to read books, write blog posts and leave comments on other blogs. She lives in Alberta, Canada and is also the author of Solving your relaxed hair breakage book .
LAST RELAXER DAY: December 15th, 2016
BIG CHOP: January 14th, 2017
Natural Hair, Unknown Porosity, Fine Hair strands, Low to Moderate Density

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13 Comments to Feature post: Dabs from Naija Hair Can Grow blog

  1. Katchie says:

    U go ladies! people like you and Dabs really do keep me going. Thanks for inspiring and for loads of tips and pics.

  2. Ty/ LaQT says:

    Love this feature. Great info. Her hair looks so lovely. Waiting to get here.

  3. I read her blog alot…she’s an inspiration!

  4. Veronica says:

    This is truly a hair inspiring article. I especially love the before and after pictures, they clearly show that ones hair can be transformed by consistency with a good hair regimen. Dabs hair has come from far due to her determination…ours can too 😉

  5. Veronica says:

    Hi Doc, I’m doing good. I actually like payin so much attention to my hair now it feels gr8. However I find myself goin abit crazy when I hop between beauty stores and other health shops looking for products recommended by you, dabs and a lot of video bloggers on you tube. Its so frustrating but Iv also learnt a lot and how to read ingredient labels (what to put right back on the shelf). Yesterday I also got frustrated as due to not being able to find a moisturising leave in conditioner dat sticks to d requirements I opted to make the one you recommended, I got everythin but even though I crawled through the shops I couldn’t find vegetable glycerin I had already bought ‘pure’ glycerin from the Clere brand and the Oreez brand but realised it might not be vegetable since the ingredient label didn’t specify. Is this safe to use? Also iv been following my regimen which is preepoo shampoo, condition (tresemme split end products) then moisturising deep con and on another day protein deep con then co wash and things seem to be fine but I want to know if there’s anything further I can do as I know my hair was initially overprocessed due to overlapping relaxers (relaxing the full hair shaft at the salon on occassion). And one more thing how much moisturiser am I actually meant to put in my hair? I find that my ORS hair repair intense moisture lasted a few days over a week and my ORS carrot oil lasted 2weeks. I’m beginnin to think I use too much and all that is from jus moisturising it at nyt before bed. In the mornin I just see if I need light moisture before I bun then attach my drawstring ponytail and head out. This week I am 12 weeks post relaxer but will only relax on the 14th week. Iv always pushed my relaxers far, but in the past I did so with the so-called ‘help’ of weaves n braids, but this tym iv been extension free altho my hair journey only started 3 or 4weeks ago. There, I’m done lol…sorry about the long long reply 😀

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Sorry for the late response. I’ve had so much do too with so little time. I’m glad your hair feels great. I also used to go so crazy looking for products I found on other hair blogs until I decided to start buying them directly from the US. It’s a good thing you now read ingredients: that has saved me a lot of money on potentially useless products 🙂 I have used regular glycerin on my hair in the past when I couldn’t find vegetable glycerin but it made my hair hard: I used it on its own anyway so maybe that’s why. I do think it’s safe to use since you can use it on your body.
      I think you’re doing all the right things with regards to your hair. With regards to overprocessing your hair, next time, ask the stylist not to relax all your hair. In addition, apply some oil to the previously relaxed hair to prevent the relaxer from damaging it.

      I use as little moisturizer as possible: if I’m using a creamy moisturizer with the same texture as OrS carrot oil, I divide my hair into 4 – 6 sections, take a pea sized amount and apply to each section.
      Good luck on your hair journey. Love and hugs. Please keep in touch!! 🙂

      • Veronica says:

        ‘whats up doc’ lol….sorry for d late late reply.. and thanx for ur reply. i had remembered that one thing that stood out from ppls hair blogs was to experiment and to find out whether particular products work for ur hair or dont…so i threw caution to the wind n decided to make the leave in and try it wen i did my day1 wash regimen.(before i saw your reply) and i must say, im absolutely loving it, loving it…i termed it my hair epiphany…and whats even better is i was stalking another blog wura’s secret hair before then and discovered her own hair epiphany version of the LOCmethod. so i tried that started with my home-made leave in followed with the ors and sealed with my coconut and grapeseed oil mix. i must say wen i sprayed the leave in on sections of my hair and massaged it in my hair (slightly damp) it literally became thicker and looked and felt so amazin i was evn confused as to the fact that it was my hair. after using the leave in i only needed a wee bit of the ors carrot oil. so im totally in love with my leave in cond and im amazed at its results and also pleased that i save way way more moisturiser and therefore money…im sure it will def carry me for over a month at this rate. thanx doc…and i decided my hair cld go an extra week or 2 more of stretchin i will mos def keep in touch. thanx for all your posts doc and i hope the hair growing challenge is goin well 😉 xoxo

        • Dr_fomsky says:

          Many of us (including myself) are constantly looking for the best products and regimen so it’s great when we find something that works! I’m pleased for you! Go girl on your stretch. Thanks for passing by! Hugs! 🙂

  6. obyazike says:

    Nice post. ..im so inspired


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