November, 2012


Celebrity Spotlight: Aisha Tyler

My favorite talk show on TV is The Talk and I especially love one of the co-hosts, Aisha Tyler. I don’t know how often she uses hair extensions but I always like how silky and shiny her hair looks whenever she hosts The Talk. I would really love to know how she takes care of her beautiful hair. She was the first woman AND African-American to host a show on E! Network called ‘”Talk Soup“. Since leaving that show, she has had acting roles in several TV series and movies like Friends, GhostRead More

Featuring Nigerian Beauty Businesses: VANITY OILS

A little while ago, the owners of a business called Vanity Oils reached out to me, informing me of the wide variety of oils that they stock. Just in case you didn’t know, I love to mix several oils because they all have great benefits. They have both essential and carrier oils in stock:: Aloe Vera Oil Sunflower oil Coconut oil Sweet Almond Oil Castor Oil Coconut Oil Avocado Oil Jojoba Oil Grapeseed Oil Sagewood Oil Tea Tree Oil And Many more ! Now to the fun part!! Guess what??Read More

How I trim my hair

       Hi gals! Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago how I trim my hair after a fresh relaxer. I decided to do a video on it: For those that cannot watch it, this is what I did: I roller set my hair and then wrapped it so I could get it as straight as possible (if you want to, you can flat iron instead). First of all, I searched through my hair for split ends (you will be surprised how many split ends you have when youRead More

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