Wash day: back to air drying!

Since I did my relaxer touch-up 5 weeks ago, I’ve been blow drying with cool air (except for the time I roller set my hair). I’ve been pretty much okay with it because it always made my hair look big and thick. However, during my last wash day, I decided to go back to air drying.

Now, I think I prefer air drying to blow drying except I’m really in a hurry. For one reason or another, my hair felt so much better than it did when I blow dried! Or maybe it’s because I used my GVP silk remedy serum to air dry (I haven’t been using it to blow dry because I had misplaced it). I will try blow drying one more time with the GVP serum included in my leave-ins and see if it  turns out as smooth.

Afterwards, I tied a scarf on my hair to smooth down the top.

Using a scarf to make my hair as smooth as possible

My hair was about 90% dry by this time

Can you see my cutie behind? It was incredibly hot and I was really sweaty!

Please excuse the clarity: my camera is bad so I used my phone to take the pictures.

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9 Comments to Wash day: back to air drying!

  1. Love the pictorial format. I don’t think i’ll be joining a no heat challenge because i also blow dry when in a rush.lol

  2. Eya says:

    A case of different strokes… I love blow drying because it makes my hair full. I don’t have full hair so, maybe that’s why. First time here! Nice blog.

  3. Tonkabelle says:

    Love the lay out at the beginning of this post very nice, might try to incorporate it into a blog post if I am able to manage it. Will try out the scarf method very soon myself.

  4. […] I washed and airdried my hair on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. […]

  5. Ifai says:

    The heat is just too much. I hardly let my hair down!

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